Make a Book

Publish your child’s story!

  • Itsy Bitsy Writers will format and print your book.
  • Cost is $10-$20 for individuals.
  • Group rates apply for classes and workshops.
  • Stories longer then 350 words can be accommodated for a small fee.
  • Send story via email as an attached Word Document or copy and paste into the body of the email.
  • Books can be mailed anywhere in the continental US with shipping included in the cost of the book.
  • International orders can be fulfilled with an additional cost for shipping and handling.
  • Additional copies of your book can be made for $5 each.  Books can be published in larger quantities for reduced cost. Please contact Itsy Bitsy Writers to inquire about this option.

Let’s Go!

Here are the steps of the Itsy Bitsy Writers process:

Step 1: Your favorite little kid tells you a story.
Step 2: You write it down.
Step 3: Email story to Itsy Bitsy Writers — kara (at) itsybitsywriters (dot) com
Step 4: We format and print said kid’s story and send it to you.
Step 5: Kid gets to illustrate the story at home.
Step 6: Enjoy!
Step 7: Watch out for increased joy of reading and writing!

Here’s a link to some helpful tips for inspiring the young storyteller in your life: