Jungle Monk

Jungle Monk

By: June G, Age 3

Brooklyn, NY

So there was a monkey named Sugar. And Sugar loved everything.

And one day Sugar wanted to jump over the fire in the fireplace.

But instead of jumping over the fire, he jumped right in the middle!

So when he jumped in the middle he got fire on the tush and he put it out in a lake.

And then he shook and got people wet, so they put him back into the jungle.

That’s why we can never see a monkey. I really want to see a monkey.

Jungle Monk


Fairy Fly Away

Fairy Fly Away

By: Ezri S, Age 4

San Diego, CA

There was a castle with three fairies in it.

There were flags that decorated the land.

The fairies flied away because the birds were going to start living in the castle and the birds were the kind of birds that eat fairies.

So the fairies went to an underwater castle to live there.

Mermaids swimmed around the castle and decorated it.

The fairies played hide and seek and lots of other games in the underwater castle while the mermaids decorated the castle to make it look fancy.

The End.

fairy fly away

Story inspired by Tell Me A Story (Cards by Eeboo)

Caleb’s Transformer Story

Caleb’s Transformer Story

By: Caleb and Isaiah P, Age 2 and Age 4

San Diego, CA

The transformer is walking around and it has a spider. And then it throws spider webs

Then it’s sticky. And then it has purple! It has purple legs. And the spider’s walking around too.

And the blue transformer is walking around too too.

They are just walking in the forest.

Then the spider comes again and he throws a web at them.

It’s sticky and then he escapes from the web.

Then he transforms into a motorcycle, and the motorcycle is blue and it has a helmet. It is driving and it has little wheels. His name is Arcee.

The End

Caleb's Transformer Story

Animals Save the Day

Animals Save the Day

By: Caleb and Isaiah P, Age 2 and Age 4

San Diego, CA

Chapter 1, by Isaiah

The ladybug and the squirrel were going to visit their friend rollie pollie.

Then there were little drops of water and it started to rain really bad, so they had to cancel. It was a storm outside and there was a snake and owl.

Then the storm stopped so they didn’t cancel. They went back on their walk to see rollie pollie.

But then it was never going to rain again. But it was a different world and the trees could survive. They only need one drop of water.

Then they got to rollie pollie’s house and they were playing a lot.

Then there was a big monster, but he didn’t see them because they were inside the teeny tiny house.

The snake closed the door and he locked the door, like this “clink clink”.  Then outside was foggy. They couldn’t tell where they were.

But then it seemed there was a storm, and it rained really badly and there was more storm. And they didn’t cancel.

Chapter 2, by Caleb

There was a little squirrel and there was a storm.

There’s a owl and a snake that went slither, slither, slither, slither, slither, slither.

Then the owl came and the snake came. The snake was slithering on the log, but the owl came to fly on the log.

The little mouse was walking by the tree with the purple flowers and the sun came out. There’s a squirrel, too.

There was a little hurricane and the rain can get on their face.

And then the owl came and the rain get on his face. The owl was laughing. He was laughing all the time. He got rain on his nose and mouth and hair and on his ears.

He was eating all the letters and all the paper and all of the eyebrows.

Chapter 3, by Isaiah

Then the owl fell on the snake’s face.

And then the snake went into his hole and he found a lost little snake that couldn’t find his mama and dada.

Then the snake helped him find his mommy and daddy. The little snake said, “mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm,” and that means he missed his mommy and daddy.

And then the baby accidentally peed on the floor, but he cleaned it up all by himself!

Chapter 4, by Isaiah

Then there was a big monster and a little one. But the little monster was scared and hid under his blanket.

But then a happy monster came and said, “ I won’t eat you.”

And his friend, the other happy monster, squirted goo at the bad monster. There was a big goo monster with goo fingers that squirts goo at the bad monster.

Then there was a little robot, but his battery was broken. But then the snake helped him fix his battery.

Then the little snake got to play with his daddy.

Animals Save the Day

The Silly Dinosaur

The Silly Dinosaur

By: Maia, 4

San Diego, CA

Once upon a time there was an ostrich and the ostrich liked to stomp around because he was the biggest ostrich of all.

All of the other ostriches used to play with him a lot but one day a big dinosaur came and ate the giant ostrich up.

Then the big dinosaur turned into an ostrich and it was all pink.

Then the other ostriches said, “You’re the pink ostrich, right?” And the dinosaur would say, “No I’m not!” The end.

The Silly Dinosaur